Facade Game

Facade game is based on artificial intelligence. If you are looking for a different game play and something that is truly interactive, then facade is the game for you. It is interactive in a sense that the characters and the outcome of the story depends on how you react to different scenarios all throughout the game.

The story takes place in the life of a married couple, Grace and Trip. The player is given the role of a close friend whom they have invited to their apartment for cocktails. This pleasant reunion soon turns sour as you discover domestic conflicts and confrontations between the couple.

Throughout the game facade makes use of its incorporated language processing software which allows the player to “speak” to the couple, either to support them through their problems and eventually strengthen their marriage or to drive them further apart, or, you could also get thrown out of the apartment.

As the game incorporates elements of drama and video gaming, the gaming interface takes advantage of voice acting and a 3-d environment providing realistic scenarios. Although the graphics may seem simplistic, do not underestimate the game. The emotions displayed in the faces of the characters are really the most prominent features of this game as you learn to react according to their reactions.

Item navigation and moving around can also affect the interaction during the game. Moving around the apartment is done using the arrow keys and pointing the cursor on certain items allows you to interact with the items. For example, you can pick up and drink beverages that the couple makes for you, or you can examine the trinkets and paintings in the apartment as this can also be conversation starters throughout out the game. Questions, statements, and responses are done by typing on the keyboard. Facade can prove to be a re-playable game since it is designed to simulate candid and on the spot reactions on the player and the characters’ actions based on a random series of events.

The game has won several awards like the Grand Jury Prize at the 2006 Slamdance Independent Games Festival, and in 2010, the game was also included in a book called “1001 Video Games You Must Play before You Die”. It was also reviewed by the New York Times as “the future of video games”.

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It is truly an ambitious, unique and captivating game; it has emerged as a true art form and has been included in several international art shows. The game has also received several praises for its ability to provide a surreal simulation of human interaction, with the progression of the pre-recorded reactions and conversation between the characters being rarely the same enhancing the interactive experience.

There’s perhaps never a great time for being a “gamer” (whatever that term may mean now) than now. After all, gaming permeates every aspect of our lifestyles in every way possible, from playing on a very expensive entertainment rig in the middle of your living room to switching on your mobile phone and having a quick game of Backgammon while waiting for an appointment to take place. For sure, any “stigma” that may have been attached to gaming ten to twenty years ago are disappearing as fast as your top score is being replaced by your aunt’s on the leaderboards.

Indeed, this certain “openness” in the gaming landscape has lead to some developers experimenting with different styles and gameplay techniques on designing their games. This, of course, is perhaps evidenced by none more than the burgeoning independent gaming scene, a certain sub-industry of console and portable gaming where gameplay genres matter as much as the boldness of their respective developer’s vision. Most notable among these crop is Andrew Stern and Michael Mateas’s current cult classic, Facade.

Just how “revolutionary” does this game seem to be in this age where both kids and adults head-shotting each other online is considered the industry norm? Well, just ask the New York Times, then: as of its initial release in 2005, it was hailed as “the future of video games”, which seems odd considering that Facade has obviously taken its inspirations from the text-based adventure and roleplaying games of the ‘80s. While both of these elements have added to the overall charm of the game, Facade’s true selling point is the real-time interaction of the AI to your dialogue and actions. You play as a character (where you also get to choose your own name, much like in an RPG) who has been invited over by two of your college buddies—who have just recently married—into their swanky apartment. Depending on what kind of questions or responses you give out in response to their conversations with you (and seriously, you can just type about anything you want in the dialogue box), it will be then imminent that there’s a thinly veiled dissension occurring in their marriage. In which case, there’s a chance that you get to bear witness to their dirty laundry being aired out right in front of you.

Now, here’s the real magic of the game: depending on your responses, you can either help them reconcile with each other again, or drive them further apart. Of course, since you’re also a polite houseguest, you can just be “neutral” and have the game end with no one having an apparent resolution with each other. It’s this game’s combination of simple mechanics and sandbox-reality that drives home the point how mercurial human relationships can be.

Yes, it may not be as “flashy” as some of the more popular games out on the market, but that won’t even matter since you can download it for free, anyway. If you consider yourself a true gaming connoisseur, or even if you want to see what the fuss is all about, then owe yourself some quality time with Facade, and even you may have a realization of how similar your life is to the characters in the game. I know I did.

The Facade game is unique on its own because it doesn’t really give you a goal, and once you start playing the game, it would really feel less like a “game” but more of a simulation. This fresh approach enables the player to empathize with the characters as the situations presented throughout the game play are somewhat real, and the characters speak of their conflicts in a visual manner.

The creators of the game have created a unique prototype for the most realistically inclined interactive computer game in history so far. With a world similar to ours, with every action, word, and hesitation having a myriad of unpredictable consequences, it creates a dramatic game play that implores on the gamers’ sensitivity and character. Try download Facade game today you wont regret it!.